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Buying vs. Leasing a New Car at Union County Kia

Kia Buying vs Leasing in Charlotte NC

Many people wonder if leasing a car is better than buying one, and unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer. Your decision of whether leasing or buying a car is a good idea depends on personal preference and your financial situation.

If you’ve ever wondered what the pros and cons are to buying vs. leasing, you’re not alone.

As one of the most commonly asked questions at our dealership we’ve come up with a key question for you to consider when making your decision:

“What are the needs of my lifestyle?”

Buy vs. Lease: Which is best for me?

So, what are the needs of your lifestyle? Do you want to eventually own a car, or do you want the latest and greatest model every few years with no hassle?

If you want to be the owner of your car at the end of your payments, buying is a great option to consider; however, if you want to swap in for a new car at the end of your agreement, then leasing could be the option for you.

A few financial benefits of leasing are:

  • » Lower monthly payments
  • » Ability to end lease agreement early
  • » The future resale value of the car is of no concern to you

While there are many positives to leasing, it’s worth noting some possible limitations. For example, the majority of leased vehicles come with mileage and customization restrictions.

On the flip side, check out the following advantages to buying your next car:

  • » No mileage restrictions
  • » Ability to customize and modify vehicle
  • » Can potentially build equity
  • » Fewer up front costs

When you purchase a car, you can customize it and drive it as many miles as you want, but it’s your responsibility to take care of it to maximize on its future resale value.

Union County Kia understands everyone has different lifestyle and financial needs. For a quick analysis of what you can afford to spend on a car, use our helpful financial calculator or contact us for personal assistance.

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