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Union County Lease End Options | Indian Trail, NC

Kia Lease End Options in Charlotte NC

Leasing a Kia vehicle allows you to enjoy a newer vehicle, often with lower monthly payments than car ownership. We hope that you have had many fulfilling adventures with your Kia vehicle. When it’s time to smell that new-car scent again, we at Union County Kia would like to assist you through the end-of-term lease process. Our friendly, caring staff can help you make the decision that’s right for you.

Three Kia Lease Return Options

When you have about six months or fewer remaining on your lease, you should consider your lease-end options. Union County Kia can assist you in three ways, even if your vehicle is not a Kia.

Option One: Return your leased Kia. Buy or lease a new Kia.

Your lease is over when you return your leased Kia to us. Next comes the fun part—choosing a brand new Kia! You won’t need to worry about haggling over a trade-in value, and you can drive off the lot that same day in a new Kia. Please contact us a few months in advance to ask for necessary paperwork, and be sure to bring your current Kia in great condition.

Option Two: Return your leased Kia to us, even if you did not lease it with us originally.

Give us a call a few months before the end of your lease to schedule an appointment. From there, we can take care of the paperwork for you! You will be responsible for any outstanding payments, excess wear and tear, excessive miles, and any other end-of-term obligations specified in your lease agreement.

Option Three: Buy the Kia you are currently leasing.

If you’ve fallen in love with your leased Kia, why not keep it? We make it simple and easy to purchase your leased Kia. If you decide to buy the car at the end of the lease, you'll have an idea how much the cost will be (no more than the residual value). Low financing rates and extended protection plans are available if you wish to purchase your leased vehicle. If you are thinking of leasing a Kia, check out our current Kia lease deals. And if your lease is coming to an end and you’d like to discuss your options, come by our Gray Fox Drive location in Indian Trail near Charlotte, North Carolina.

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