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Kia Oil Changes in Monroe & Indian Trail, NC

Oil Change in Indian Trail, NC

You’ve likely heard of the expression “running like a well-oiled machine.” There’s value to that message, especially for your vehicle’s engine. When you car, truck, or sport utility vehicle is “well-oiled,” it continues to operate efficiently instead of turning into a chunk of smoldering metal parts. That’s because motor oil lubricates various moving parts of your engine, which reduces heat buildup and ensures a longer life for your vehicle. Oil, over time, breaks down and becomes less effective. That’s why oil changes are a necessary part of car maintenance, even if you have only a short commute to and from work.

But how often should you get an oil change?

The period between when you should get an oil change depends on your driving habits and the manufacturer’s recommendations for your vehicle. Many models have a dipstick that you can use to check the level and consistency of your oil; some brand new models have that as part of their infotainment display. Either way, you can get an accurate read. For most Kia models, the manufacturer recommends changing oil filter and oil every 5,000 miles. Here’s a simple tip for drivers who use a dipstick to check the oil:

  • > If it’s a dirty black color, time to get an oil change.

Not everyone feels confident to habitually check their engine oil. That’s fine because our expert technicians at Union County Kia can remind you when your oil needs changed and make recommendations about your specific make, model, and year when you schedule a service appointment. And be sure to check out our Service Specials to see our latest offerings and discounts for our customers.

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